At ANPR Management we offer a wide range of ANPR solutions and integration options. From fixed car park cameras to mobile road fund licence enforcement, our systems have been designed for Reliability, Accuracy and Affordability.


FGuardian Midiixed ANPR

At ANPR Management we provide fixed ANPR solutions for a number of applications. Our systems are currently deployed with a number of reputable parking management companies. At ANPR Management our aim is to provide high quality and cost effect ANPR equipment and services.

All ANPR systems can be integrated into our revolutionary Back Office Server offering a full end to end ANPR Management suite linking Camera Systems to Kiosks,  pay by phone and Pay on Foot facilities.




Van No InsigniaMobile ANPR

The Guardian Mobile is at the cutting edge of mobile ANPR technology allowing clear plate reads while on the move. This is a solution that is being rapidly adopted by security companies and local authorities.

The cameras can be fitted into any vehicle by our engineering team for optimal reads. This allows operators read plates of vehicles even if parallel parked! In addition to a fixed solution, there is the option to have an unfixed version. This will allow the system to be moved between multiple vehicles.



The Guardian Overwatch provides the first of its kind 24/7 coverage employing integrated CCTV and ANPR to cover problematic areas and uprooting parking issues. Images are collected with date time stamps correlating with ANPR captures for positive vehicle identification and evidence of contradiction duration.

The Guardian Baywatch does not use ANPR. Instead it uses a high definition colour camera which covers a particular bay or group of bays. The cameras are positioned to allow clear vehicle identification and report the parking duration. All images gathered are date time stamped and provide sufficient evidence for PCNs to be issued.




Kiosk DisplayKiosk Solutions

The Guardian Kiosk is a revolutionary user friendly interface allowing visitors to input registrations when using a customer’s car park. This is an ideal solution for leisure centres, casinos and cinemas who require cost effective and flexible parking management solutions.

On entry to the car park, visitor’s registrations are read by ANPR cameras. This data is sent back with a date time stamp to the ANPR Management back office server. When the visitor enters the reception, they will enter their registration into the kiosk terminal. The terminal is securely linked back to the ANPR Management back office server where it is cross referenced with recorded registrations.




Cale Pay on Foot MachinePay on Foot

At ANPR Management we provide ANPR integration with pay on foot machines. As an approved Cale reseller we supply the best in class. Cale has been manufacturing pay on foot machines since 1955 and are one of the leading global brands. Cale has been selected by ANPR Management for their outstanding reliability and contemporary customer interfaces.





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