ANPR Parking Management are a initiative company who offer a range of solutions tailored to meet their customers needs, utilising (ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Traditional methods of parking enforcement can appear to be harsh to some individuals who receive Parking Charge Notifications, we believe the approach that we take offers a non confrontational solution.

ANPR Parking Management have seen upto an 80% reduction in unauthourised vehicles parking on our customers private land. We believe that there is not a one size fits all solution to parking management requirements. At ANPR Parking Management we have designed our solutions to allow them to be tailored to meet the customer exact requirment.

In a nutshell

ANPR Management provide tailored solutions to your needs

Working for you

On and off road secure solutions to your requirements

Made with you in mind

Secure payment processing with full encryption

Data from the cameras can be supplied to the customer in a number of format, we can report on every vehicle that enters and leaves, up to daily / weekly / monthly reports, we are able to supply data of when a vehicle enters and leaves all the images supplied meet the requirments of the DVLA, to allow them to supply owner details.

Full examples of the types of solutions that are on offer can be seen on our solutions page and our typical customers include

  • ANPR for Private Land
  • Bus Lane monitoring
  • Shopping centre Parking
  • Bailliffs